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BOEMax is an all-in-one estimating, pricing, and proposal management software tool. Maintain historical data and process templates along with BOE rationale to provide the traceability customers expect. At contract award, seamlessly create the project in MaxTeam or EVMax to manage the work.
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Quickly start a new proposal using the statement of work parsing utility, historic estimates and process templates along with basis of estimate (BOE) rationale.


Use your pricing data to create DCAA/DCMA and FAR 15-2 compliant reports. Or easily create customized reports to meet the requirements of your industry’s owners and stakeholders.


Get an accurate, winning price using complex rate structures, escalation, material takeoff sheets and your entered estimates.

What our Users Are Saying About our Proposal Software

"We use BOEMax for several different purposes."

"We use BOEMax for several different purposes. We use it for traditional estimates and proposal generation, but it has also been great for rolling wave planning for the contracts."

Andrew Rymaruk, EVM Lead at L-3 Communications
"BOEMax is super easy to use!"

"BOEMax is super easy to use! Our estimators love it and it allows the capture team and price-to-win team time to do the ‘what-if’ analysis that we need."

Kimberly Spencer, Business Financial Analyst at DCS Corporation
"...this is unprecedented."

"The BOEMax application enables a process-driven approach toward a compliant estimating system—this is unprecedented."

David E., Director at Dixon Hughes Goodman LLP

Core benefits of BOEMax Proposal Software

Saves Time

  • Break the statement of work into a proposal outline in a flash
  • Use the estimate library and project templates to get your bid going quickly
  • Create compliant documents and reports using your pricing data

Easy to Use

  • Engineers and estimators can input their estimates with ease
  • See everything at a glance in an Excel-like pivot table
  • Import Excel data to easily build data structures

Integrates Everywhere

  • Send data bi-directionally with MS Project and Primavera
  • Export proposal data to cost management software like MaxTeam

  • Use the full-featured API
Key features of BOEMax
Basis of estimate library
Basis of estimate library
Basis of estimate library

Search the BOE library to leverage existing estimates at a project, work breakdown structure (WBS) or task level. Pull from your previous estimates to create even more accurate proposals.

Estimator— and engineer—friendly pivot table
Estimator— and engineer—friendly pivot table
Estimator— and engineer—friendly pivot table

See all your estimates at a glance with a Excel-like pivot table. The table empowers your team to easily enter their estimates in terms of hours, manpower or cost—reducing the chance of errors caused by constant copying and pasting.

Integrate bi-directionally with MS Project and Primavera
Integrate bi-directionally with MS Project and Primavera
Integrate bi-directionally with MS Project and Primavera

Define tasks and their durations, add resources, hours and material dollars in BOEMax. Then, dump the data to MS Project or Primavera. All the structures—including WBS, tasks, codes, resources, hours, etc— will be maintained. The scheduler can then link the tasks with logic and then push the data back into BOEMax, so you can reprice the bid with ease.

Role-based workflow queue
Role-based workflow queue
Role-based workflow queue

Set up and assign role-based tasks to your team and track progress of the proposal—in real time.

Proposal versioning
Proposal versioning
Proposal versioning

Save a “what if” snapshot of your proposal at any time so you can compare your current version to any other version. Restore any old version at the press of a button

Data-backed document creation
Data-backed document creation
Data-backed document creation

Use your estimated price to create compliant documents and reports in any format you need. Store those documents in BOEMax so your team always has the latest version.


Leverage our proprietary rate traceability system to answer auditors’ questions—without having to dig up the data. This system has proven to work in DCMA and DCAA audits.

Integration with cost management software example
Integrate with cost management software—like MaxTeam
Integration with cost management software example

Export your estimate data to MaxTeam to create a budget baseline. As your budget changes, make updates in BOEMax and push them to MaxTeam. This makes rolling wave planning a cinch.

“Is BOEMax right for my company?”

BOEMax works with companies of many sizes and industries, including::

Small and Medium Business Contractors

  • Set up as a cloud based proposal application or run on your servers
  • Scale back features to only what you need
  • Transfer proposal data easily to prime contractors

Large Government Contractors

  • Create standard subcontractor cost estimate templates to import their proposal data 
  • Create “Price to Win” scenarios
  • Keep your reporting DCAA compliant and fully traceable

Government Agencies

  • Receive contractor cost data
  • Import from Excel and integrate with Propricer
  • Set up contractor cost data with government requirements in mind

Engineering & Construction

  • Build accurate and consistent cost estimates using historical data
  • Create time-phased cost estimates using bi-directional integration with Oracle Primavera P6
  • Easily manage the estimate development with built-in workflow process

Oil & Gas

  • Develop a more accurate budget and basis of estimate
  • Control the construction process for capital intensive projects
  • Plan and schedule resources to optimize productivity

Scientific Research Projects

  • Bi-directional integration with schedule tools to create time-phased cost estimates and budgets
  • Role-based grid views to easily enter and manage data
  • Built-in workflow and audit trails to track changes
  • Drag and drop report wizard – the only limit is your imagination

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Andrew Rymaruk, EVM Lead at L-3 Communications