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5 Reasons Government Contractors Seek Propricer Alternatives

Propricer is big player in the estimating tool game, but its estimating software is not your only option—and it’s likely not your best option either.

Here are five reasons today’s government contractors are seeking alternatives to Propricer’s estimating products.

1. Propricer’s software does a good job of estimating projects, and that’s it

Problem: When your pricing and estimating software are not synced up, your work is automatically more error-prone. Even one small change can trip everything up if it’s not reflected properly in both systems.

Solution: Look for a combination of estimating and pricing software in the same application.  For example, our estimating tool, BOEMax, and pricing tool, EVMax, work in tandem, so when you make a change in one place, it updates everything everywhere.

2. Propricer charges extra for uploading outside documents

Problem: Our industry lives and breathes in Microsoft Office tools like Word and Excel. And many times throughout a project, you need to import various files into your estimating and pricing systems.

Solution: Find an alternative government contract pricing software that allows you to upload documents for free like BOEMax does.

3. Propricer’s software doesn’t use JSON technology

Problem: When you’re responding to a government RFP, time is of the essence and providing a valid quote quickly is a must. That’s where JavaScript Object Notation (JSON) technology comes in. It helps government contractors quickly and easily parse a statement of work into code structure, and then map those codes directly to Work Breakdown Structures (WBS), saving time and improving quote accuracy.

Solution: Seek out a government proposal pricing software, like BOEMax, that uses JSON technology.

4. Propricer’s framework isn’t automated

Problem: If people can’t do their jobs or they don’t know how to, bottlenecks happen. You know better than anyone how many different types of people on a project need (a) access to your estimating system, and (b) an systemized approval process.

Solution: Look for a proposal pricing software that gives estimators, CAMs, and engineers the ability to update task statuses and notes in real-time. Bonus points if you find an estimating tool vendor who can also route to-dos and necessary documentation to the next chain of command—automatically. Just in case you’re wondering, BOEMax can.

5. Propricer’s software can't sync bidirectionally with MS Project or Primavera

Problem: We know most contractors use scheduling tools, estimating software, and earned value management (EVM) tools together to help them deliver projects as expected. When data doesn’t flow freely between these tools, you’re cutting and pasting from one tool to the other three, which takes twice as long and increases errors.

Solution: Look for a government proposal pricing tool that syncs bidirectionally with popular project scheduling tools like MS Project and Primavera. They do exist. Our BOEMax tool is proof.

The best Propricer alternative is clear

Estimating a job is one thing, but if you can’t periodically confirm you’re going to deliver on time and on budget, you won’t stay on the project (or in business) long. Propricer’s estimating tools may adequately estimate jobs, but they lose momentum as projects progress.

Only BOEMax and EVMax have the smart integration and powerful automation capabilities you need to reach success, faster.

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Topics: proposal software, estimating and pricing, schedule integration

Author: Jeff Lutton