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Feature  BOEMax PROPRICER Notes
Built-in workflow to manage the proposal process: define roles, forms, routing rules, work queue with transaction audit trail and versioning  X  
Built-in reporting, easy to use report wizard to produce pivot tables and ad hoc reports    X PROPRICER requires add-on
Ability to enter rich text with the BOE rationale and other documentation along with the cost estimate in the same database    X PROPRICER requires a MS Word add-in, documentation is not part of the database
Integrated estimating and pricing    X Must import estimates into PROPRICER, functions are not integrated
Import, parse, and map statement of work (SOW) requirements to the WBS  X  
Produce WBS dictionary documents, ability to include rich text documentation with the WBS  X  
Easy to use grid view similar to Excel to enter data with built-in hierarchical structure to view the data at summary, intermediate, and detail levels  X  
Perform global updates using filters and similar Excel type functions  X  
Integrates bi-directionally with Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6  X  
Combine time phased data and documentation in one report  X  
Produce single project, multi-project, or enterprise level portfolio analysis and staffing reports  X  
Lock capability at the WBS level  X  
Hierarchical bills of material (BOM)  X PROPRICER BOM is a flat list
Use the cost estimate data as the basis for the performance measurement baseline (PMB) budget data after contract award  X  
Agile release cycles  X  
SaaS subscription option available compliant with FedRAMP security requirements  X