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EVMax is an earned value management tool that simplifies creating and maintaining budget, earned value, actual cost, and estimate to complete data for performance analysis and reporting. EVMax can easily scale to support project control requirements from small to complex projects regardless of the industry environment. Now your team can:

Achieve a Quick Startup

Import your proposal data from BOEMax to quickly establish the budget baseline.

Manage Changes

Keep track of  changes with built-in change control and historical traceability.

Forecast EACs

Generate a range of optimistic and pessimistic estimates at completion.

Communicate Outcomes

Create compliant and ad-hoc reports with easy-to-use wizards.

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What our Users are Saying About EVMax

"EVMax surpasses Cobra"

"EVMax surpasses Cobra and a lot of the other earned value engines in the market today. EVMax is a little more user-friendly...and the seamless integration between EVMax and BOEMax—other tools don’t have that type of capability."

Andrew Rymaruk, EVM Lead at L-3 Communications

"I just wanted to thank ProjStream VERY, VERY much for the efforts you have put into the Program Change Log in EVMax, IT ROCKS!"

Kimberly Spencer, Business Financial Analyst at DCS Corporation
"...paid for itself after the first proposal"

"It has definitely given us a competitive advantage in a tough marketplace and has essentially paid for itself after the first proposal."

Kimberly Spencer, Business Financial Analyst at DCS Corporation

Core Benefits of an Earned Value Management Tool like EVMax:

Track Budget Baseline Changes

  • Track changes down to the reference date, work package and resource
  • Keep track of budget change requests and work authorization documents
  • Save and track document changes with document versioning

Easily Share Project Information

  • See your entire project on one screen using an Excel-like pivot table
  • Allow estimators, CAMs and engineers to log in and update their task status with ease
  • Load data via Excel or export data to Excel

Integrates with Other Project Control Tools

  • Import proposal data from BOEMax so you’re not starting from scratch
  • Send data bi-directionally with MS Project and Primavera
  • See data graphically with Encore Analytics or MAXBoard
Key features of EVMax:
Import proposal data from BOEMax
Import proposal data from BOEMax
Import proposal data from BOEMax

Pull your basis of estimate and cost estimate data from BOEMax into EVMax to establish the budget baseline. As your budget changes, make updates in BOEMax and push them to EVMax using the built-in workflow process, automatically producing the baseline change documentation. This also makes rolling wave planning a breeze.

Easy-to-use software interface
Easy-to-use software interface
Easy-to-use software interface

See all your time phased cost data at a glance with an Excel-like pivot table with a true hierarchical structure and data roll up. Your CAMs and project controls team can easily enter budget hours, full-time equivalents (FTEs) or cost in a central database. Create customized or role-specific data views with filters, sorts, and other user controls.

Built-in rich text documentation
Built-in rich text documentation
Built-in rich text documentation

Include the basis of estimate rationale, risk assessment, assumptions, and other details with the cost data. Project teams can use the basis of estimate details to substantiate the time phased budget plan or estimate to complete as well as to produce baseline change requests. It can also be used to document quantifiable backup data for claiming earned value.

Import data from Excel
Import data from Excel
Import data from Excel

Easily import your work breakdown structure (WBS) data, resources, task information, rates, bill of material, actual hours, costs. If you can imagine it, we have a way to map data into EVMax from Excel.

Integrate with MS Project and Primavera
Integrate with MS Project and Primavera
Integrate with MS Project and Primavera

Use the resource loaded activities to quickly create schedule driven budget baseline or estimate to complete data in EVMax. You can also use the current schedule status as the basis for claiming work package earned value. Ensures your schedule and time phased cost data are always in alignment.  

Complex burdening rules
Complex burdening rules
Complex burdening rules

Create simple or complex burden rules with custom expressions, constants, and math operations to model your business environment. Build cost rules into your labor categories or resources such as bill of material quantities. This simplifies data entry and improves budgeting consistency.

Robust Reporting
Robust Reporting
Robust Reporting

Use the built-in reporting wizard to quickly create ad-hoc pivot tables. You can easily produce standard reports such as a Responsibility Assignment Matrix (RAM) with dollar values or Control Account Plans. You can also produce a variety of electronic deliverables. This includes the current Integrated Program Management Report (IPMR) Data Item Description (DID) UN/CEFACT XML deliverables for the DoD EVM Central Repository as well as the JSON encoded deliverables for the IPMR Revision B.

Workflow forms and user defined routing rules
Workflow forms and user defined routing rules
Workflow forms and user defined routing rules

Establish workflow roles, routing rules, and common forms including baseline change requests (BCRs) and work authorization documents. Automatically maintain a historical archive of basis of estimate, work authorization, and BCRs moving through the workflow review and approval process with data-backed documentation.

“Is an Earned Value Management tool right for my company?”

EVMax works with companies of many sizes and industries, including:

Small and Medium Business Contractors

  • Run in the cloud or on premise
  • Support earned value management practices scaled to project needs
  • Choose from quick start packages

Large Government Contractors

  • Supports EIA-748 compliant EVM system requirements
  • Scales to simpler progress tracking on smaller programs
  • Produce IPMR Reports Formats 1 to 5 and 7 or data submissions (UN/CEFACT XML, Revision B JSON)

Oil & Gas Industry Projects

  • Manage mega projects with multiple venture partners and distributed geographical teams
  • Integrate your timesheets and daily progressions
  • Enter in quantities from engineering drawings

Engineering & Construction

  • Develop time phased budgets and forecasts
  • Leverage schedule integration to create schedule driven budget data and use the schedule status to measure progress
  • Central database to organize budget, estimated actuals, actual costs, earned value, and forecast data for rapid data-driven decision making

Scientific Research Projects

  • Simplified data entry and role-based views
  • Develop a work breakdown structure and dictionary to clearly communicate work scope requirements
  • Easily produce estimate at completion forecasts for comparison to the project’s funding profile

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Andrew Rymaruk, EVM Lead at L-3 Communications