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Feature  EVMax Deltek Cobra Notes
Built-in workflow to manage the work authorizations, baseline change requests, and change control process: define roles, forms, routing rules, work queue X Must purchase another Deltek tool, PM Compass, for change management.  PM Compass must be separately configured and maintained.  Requires extra effort to demonstrate data traceability and to provide documentation to substantiate baseline changes required for DCMA compliance and surveillance
Standard workflow forms (estimate, work authorization, baseline change requests) with automatic detailed transaction audit trail and versioning to track all approved changes to closure X
Built-in workflow process designed to capture the documentation explaining the reason for the change and impact to other activities with the detailed transaction data – all in one database X
Built-in contract budget log integrated into the workflow and change control process tracks the contract budget base (CBB), management reserve (MR), undistributed budget (UB), and distributed budget X Cobra log is restrictive and limited to summary values. Requires manual entries to align with change tracking numbers. Must purchase PM Compass to manage the change control process.
Built-in reporting, easy to use report wizard to produce user defined pivot tables and ad hoc reports – data are always traceable from the top down and bottom up, can easily produce outputs for DCMA data calls    X  Standard set of reports in Cobra are limited.  Cobra users often resort to macros to perform SQL queries to pull data then manually manipulate the data extracts to produce user defined reports.  This compromises data integrity.  It also increases the total cost of ownership.  Cobra clients often hire extra resources to manage the Cobra database and add-ons required to make the software work for their  environment.
Ability to enter rich text documentation along with the cost data in the same database  X  
Import, parse, and map statement of work (SOW) requirements to the WBS  X  
Produce WBS dictionary documents, ability to include rich text documentation with the WBS  X Cobra is limited to a text field in the structure.
Easy to use grid view similar to Excel to enter data with built-in hierarchical structure to view the data at summary, intermediate, and detail levels  X Cobra users must navigate between different data views at the control account and work package level.
Copy the proposal cost estimate data as the basis to create the time phased budget data and establish the performance measurement baseline (PMB)  X  
Integrates bi-directionally with Microsoft Project and Oracle Primavera P6   X One-way batch process in Cobra.  Can only import data from scheduling tools (Open Plan, Microsoft Project, and Oracle Primavera P6).
Map resources to standard element of cost categories (labor, material, other direct cost, subcontract) required for government reporting (IPMR and CSDR FlexFile) – the element of cost category field is built into the database   X If the resource structure (level 2) defined in Cobra does not match the standard element of cost categories, requires additional configuration to include the code at the desired level of detail.  It is not built into the database. 
Identify recurring and non-recurring costs – the field is built into the database  X Cobra requires additional configuration to include the code at the desired level of detail.
Create custom learning curves  X Learning curves are not available in Cobra. 
Produce single project, multi-project, or enterprise level portfolio analysis and staffing reports   X  
Lock capability at the WBS level  X  
Hierarchical bills of material (BOM) X BOMs are not available in Cobra.
Built-in cost data validation analysis view and report to identify common data anomalies  X Must purchase another Deltex tool, Acumen Fuse, to perform data validation checks.
Combine time phased data and rich text documentation in one report  X Must purchase another Deltek tool, wInsight, to produce variance analysis reports to include narrative text with summary cost data (a predefined report).  Limited ability to create ad-hoc reports with cost data and rich text content.
Built-in standard line charts and graphs, dashboard view for performance metrics and variances  X Must purchase another Deltek tool, wInsight, to produce line charts and graphs.
Built-in data export that complies with the IPMR DID UN/CEFACT XML (formats 1 to 5 and 7) and JSON data encoding requirements  X Cobra does not support the JSON data encoding.  Must purchase another Deltek tool, Acumen Fuse, to produce JSON encoded export files.
Built-in data export that complies with the CSDR FlexFile DID JSON data encoding requirements X Cobra does not support the CSDR reports or FlexFile JSON data encoding requirements. 
Agile release cycles, fast turn around for enhancement requests – enhancements are often incorporated within days of a request X Deltek release cycles are slow, often years between major releases.  Database architecture is dated making it difficult for Deltek to respond to changes in the industry.  Corporate sets a multi-year product road map that is often out of step with current industry requirements.
Fast turn-around for bug fixes – issues are often resolved in less than 24 hours X Deltek can take months to respond to issues.  Sometimes issues “hot fixes” to address major issues.  Helpdesk personnel often lack the necessary Cobra or EVM expertise.
Open data architecture, backup files use XML format  X Cobra uses a proprietary format to backup the data.  Deltek also encrypts the data.