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ProjStream’s ultimate tool for project cost management, budget and resource tracking and ROI analysis.

What It Is

MaxTeam is a tool with many functionalities and a single purpose: all-in-one project control and cost management.

After you win a bid with BOEMax, put MaxTeam to work to manage resource capacity and demand, track progress, import actual costs, make changes and maintain budget data and estimate to complete costs.


How It Works

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Plan Your Budget

Step 1

Use the data-driven cost estimate and resource-loaded schedule activities from BOEMax to set KPIs and create realistic, time-phased budget plans.

The built-in schedule integration feature also allows you to maintain budget and estimate to complete data and ensures full traceability between resource-loaded activities and cost data.

  • Create budget plans
  • Schedule integration
  • Determine project KPIs

Measure Progress

Step 2

Track completed work and import actual costs to calculate accurate cost-at-completion forecasts and assess profit margins. Your project control team can also maintain historical traceability as approved changes are merged into the budget plan.

  • Measure completed work
  • Collect actual costs
  • Enter estimated actuals

Analyze Performance

Step 3

Configure MaxTeam to track KPIs, bookings, funding, cash flow, revenue projections and other performance metrics to enable data-driven decision-making. The built-in workflow automatically keeps on top of budget changes.

  • Forecast cost at completion
  • Calculate schedule, cost, and at completion variances
  • Track project performance metrics

Correct Your Course

Step 4

With MaxTeam, you can easily monitor resource capacity and demand, profit margins and overall project progress. If critical goals are not being met, you can take timely corrective actions.

  • Merge approved changes
  • Manage resource capacity and demand
  • Produce realistic plans to complete remaining work

Produce Deliverables

Step 5

Use MaxTeam’s built-in reporting functions and ad-hoc pivot tables to build a library of standard reports for single or cross-project reporting and analysis. This enables you to produce various project, performance and financial management reports — from EAC, ROI and cash flow trends to revenue and profit margin analysis.

  • Robust ad-hoc pivot reports
  • Standard time-phased reports
  • Electronic performance reports including the IPMR and IPMDAR

Key MaxTeam Features

Integrated Command Central

Store all time-phased cost data, resource requirements, financial data and performance metrics in a central database to maximize information quality and traceability

Built-In Funding, Revenue and Cash Flow Tracking

Use this feature to establish a broader range of project KPIs to manage profit margins and other financial objectives.

Integration with MS Project and Primavera

From schedule data, cost estimates and budget plans to work-in-progress assessments and forecasts to complete, everything is always in sync.

3 Common Business Issues MaxTeam Solves


Teams Can Manage Only Budget and Actual Costs

Project managers using ad-hoc spreadsheets for budget and actual costs don’t routinely create cost estimates for the remaining work. This inconsistent and incomplete approach limits their ability to create credible cost-at-completion forecasts for financial and ROI analysis.

MaxTeam is a cost management tool with an easy-to-use, Excel-like grid view and a standard base configuration. It maintains all budget, earned value, actual cost, estimate to complete and estimate at completion data to improve the consistency and quality of financial reporting.


Insufficient Resource Availability and Requirements Data

Other platforms and homegrown spreadsheet solutions don’t allow project teams to pull up credible source data to assess resource availability and requirements accurately. As a result, businesses either lack key resources or hire resources they don’t need.

With MaxTeam, you can build a database of time-phased resource requirement data for ongoing and planned tasks, enabling you to produce data-driven resource plans, assess demand and manage requirements. This increases predictability, accountability and employee retention.


Limited Visibility into Project Status

Many organizations manage time-phased cost data using legacy tools that are not integrated with their scheduling tools. With actual costs being tracked separately, managers lack visibility, which results in inconsistent and incomplete decision-making and costly issues.

MaxTeam gives you a single cost management tool and a database for time-phased cost data. The software integrates with schedule tools to create schedule-driven budget and estimate-to-complete data, which improves project status visibility and helps spot issues early on.


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