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Software Updates

1 min read

June 2020

BOEMax Work Packages Assigned Travel Assumption, Travel Form The Travel Form has been enhanced to include the option to use GSA airfare and
2 min read

May 2020

All Software Tools Project Options, Copy From and Export to XML Manage Projects window, Ribbon Menu (Project Data > Projects). The options
1 min read

November 2019

BOEMax, MaxTeam, MaxBoard Enterprise Nodal Structure, Resource Role Capacity Enterprise Nodal Structure window ( Home > ENS).  A Set
1 min read

August 2019

All Software Tools Cost Groups in TotalsYou can now control which cost report group is used for the total columns in the main Estimate
1 min read

July 2019

All Software Tools Element of Cost Code StructureYou can now modify the content of the shared system level element of cost code structure.
1 min read

May 2019

All Software Tools Global Calendar, Rate, and Resource StructuresAdded ability to create related global calendar, rate, and resource