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Software Updates

The following monthly articles provide a running log of software updates or enhancements. Updates may apply to all ProjStream software tools or may be product specific. Each article includes a summary of what changed or what functionality was added to the software.


March 2020

All Software Tools

The latest release of BOEMax, MaxTeam, and EVMax includes a set of major enhancements designed to support industries such as construction that estimate, plan, and status using quantities, specifically material take off quantities, required to complete a project. The bill of material (BOM) functionality has been extended to include the ability to identify the required labor trade crafts and labor rate factor associated with a material line item. The material quantity, related labor trade craft, and labor rate factor can be used to determine the related estimate or budget labor hours along with the direct cost for the material. The shared database for all of the products has also been updated to handle time phased BOM quantities.

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November 2019

BOEMax, MaxTeam, MaxBoard

Enterprise Nodal Structure, Resource Role Capacity

Enterprise Nodal Structure window (Home > ENS). 
  • A Set Calendar option has been added to the Ribbon Menu. You can now select a global calendar you can use for cross-project resource capacity and demand analysis so you have a common set of calendar periods for all projects. You set this once for the ENS. This global calendar is only used for the ENS resource capacity settings, the project specific calendars are unchanged.
  • Edit ENS Node, resource role Capacity tab. When you set a calendar for the ENS, a Capacity by Period column is included in the Capacity tab. You can use this column to set custom resource role capacities for specific accounting periods. For example, the quantity may change to reflect seasonal changes in available personnel. The default is the capacity you set for the role (Capacity column entry).
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October 2019


Using the BOM to Status Material Work Packages
The capabilities in the Resource BOM window has been enhanced so that you can use the window to enter quantities earned to calculate earned value. You can also import or enter the actual quantity and unit price so that you can calculate material price and usage variances.

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August 2019

All Software Tools

Cost Groups in Totals
You can now control which cost report group is used for the total columns in the main Estimate window (BOEMax Budget column) or the main MaxTeam/EVMax window (Budget, Actual, Earned, and ETC columns).  There is a new option in the Ribbon Menu, Admin tab, labeled “Cost Groups in Totals” that displays a dialog box to set these for the selected project in the applicable software tool.  This also controls the columns shown in the Enterprise Nodal Structure window (Home > ENS).

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