BOE and Cost Estimating Software Buyer's Guide

Selecting the Right Software

Choosing the appropriate BOE and cost estimating software to help you bid on complicated government contracts can seem overwhelming. Taking the time to articulate your business needs and objectives helps to define fact-based information you can use to objectively determine your best option for a new software tool. How will the new software support or improve your proposal process? What do you expect to achieve? What functionality do you need? What is your game plan to train your teams and implement the software?

Use this Guide to Help You Get Started

This guide provides a framework to help you:

  1. Define your business requirements, what problems you want to solve, and expected outcomes
  2. Document your functional requirements as well as other factors to consider such as the user community, government contractual requirements, tool set architecture, and the software vendor’s ability to quickly respond to your needs
  3. Plan for implementing the software

Don't throw your time and money away by buying the wrong proposal software! Download the guide today.

ProjStream BOE Buyers Guide 2023 TN