The Top 10 Cost Estimating Best Practices Solution Sheet

New 2023 Cost Estimating Best Practices for Government Contractors

ProjStream provides integrated cost estimating and project management solutions that put best practices into action. 

By applying the top 10 best practices for estimating government contract bids, you can cut costs and increase pwin values. ProjStream provides solutions that put into practice solutions that overcome the biggest cost-estimating pains. 

Download this FREE 2-page Solution Sheet PDF for a concise understanding of how to solve the biggest cost-estimating pains with ProjStream.  

Some tips from the Best Practices Solution Sheet:

  • Why best practices mitigate cost estimating risk
  • What can be done to track changes more accurately
  • What standardization means for risk assumptions and uncertainty 
  • How to overcome opaque methodologies and rationales 
  • And much more!

ProjStream Top-10 Pains Solutions Sheet TN