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How the ProjStream end-to-end solution addresses all your project management needs!

Your company could be leaving value on the table. Business units that bid on government contracts often invest more time and expense in creating cost estimates than they need to today. If you suspect your Pwin or throughput fall short, read this guide to find out how applying best practices solutions makes all the difference.

The ProjStream Project Lifecycle Management Guide is a FREE eBook PDF. Download it to find out the possibilities. Whatever your role in estimating and pricing projects, the guide is an informative resource worth reading.

The ProjStream Project Lifecycle Management Guide covers the following:

  • How to get past the limitations of spreadsheets and legacy systems
  • What are the best practices for BOE and cost estimating
  • Why standardizing your estimating workflows makes them better
  • Where to find savings in the costing process
  • What ProjStream brings to cost estimating and why
  • How ProjStream helps prevent negative margins on projects
  • And much more!

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