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About Us

With 50+ years of combined industry experience, our team of experts
loves helping businesses achieve greater growth and efficiency. We can’t
wait to help yours do the same.
Who Are We?

Who We Are

It all started when Tom Shanahan, ProjStream’s President and Chief Executive Officer, assembled a team of experienced software developers and project management veterans.

We all knew firsthand the frustration of dealing with ad-hoc spreadsheets, homegrown systems, and siloed data — not to mention reformulating proposal cost estimates because the data was inaccurate in the first place.

We knew the industry was in desperate need of a platform that makes it easy to look up historical data, see project status at a glance and produce credible BOEs with confidence.

Our end-to-end platform can transform your entire project and proposal process, resulting in reduced cycle times, improved contract win rates, better team collaboration, more efficient organization and improved accuracy.

Agile Approach

Why We’re Different

We put you and your needs first.

Thanks to ProjStream’s agile approach to development, open architecture, superior third-party integrations and our stellar customer service, we can work with you to build end-to-end solutions for all your project proposal and management needs.
The result?

You can say goodbye to lost bids, missed deadlines, siloed teams and, best of all, spreadsheets.

Why are ProjStream’s Tools a Better Solution?

ProjStream’s tools are designed to help proposal or project control teams create and manage time phased cost data easier and faster. What differentiates our tools from our competitors?

Common Database for the Entire Project Life Cycle

Our tools function as command central for proposal or project control teams. Everything proposal team members need is in a single database for top down and bottom-up traceability, including the ability to enter narrative information. Powerful search functions help them locate analogous tasks so they have reliable source data to substantiate their BOE. Project control personnel can leverage the cost estimate data to create the budget baseline after contract award and manage baseline changes. No add-ons are required.

Built-in Workflow

Our platform provides a built-in workflow for the proposal development process or managing changes to the budget baseline. Use your process to define the roles and approval cycles. No add-ons are required.

Robust Reporting (Both Standard and Ad-Hoc)

ProjStream's software includes robust built-in ad-hoc reporting as well as a standard set of reports to produce proposal submissions (FAR 15.408, Table 15-2) or project performance reports (IPMR Formats 1 to 5 and 7 or IPMDAR Contract Performance Dataset). No add-ons are required.

Open Architecture and Flexibility to Support
your Business Process

It’s easy to import or export data into or out of our tools as well as interface with other systems. You can create user defined fields, establish standard documents, and create custom reports that reflect your business environment and project specific or management.

Agile Development Methodology

We quickly respond to any software issues with immediate updates. A typical sprint cycle is two weeks to deliver product enhancements. All updates and enhancements to the software become a core part of the tools, there is only one build.

Who We Work With

At ProjStream, you’ll be in good company.
We work with a variety of government contractors in industries like aerospace and defense, engineering and construction, energy, oil and gas, operations and maintenance, utilities and more.

Our clients are various mid-sized and large organizations, including various government agencies and industry leaders such as NASA, PARC, Dyncorp, Oceaneering, Nammo Talley and Southwest Research Institute.


Win more contracts, deliver on projects faster and increase your revenue.