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Our end-to-end platform covers all stages of the project life cycle, from proposal to project control, reporting and beyond.

Upon completion, simply rinse and repeat — the software allows you to create repeatable processes and templates with historical data, so you can reduce time to bid, increase proposal volume and improve your win rate.


Project Proposals

Meet BOEMax, our all-in-one estimating, pricing and proposal management tool. BOEMax will take you on a seamless journey from initial ideation to successful bidding in no time.


Start new proposals quickly and create data-driven BOEs using historical estimates, actual cost data, detailed process templates and the built-in statement of work parsing utility.


Calculate accurate and competitive prices using complex rate structures, escalation, master part lists and your entered estimates.


Use your pricing data to generate proposal submissions following the format in FAR 15.408 Table 15-2 for government agencies.


Win more projects than ever before thanks to faster bidding, more accurate BOEs and pricing with in-depth, data-driven research. At contract award, simply flow the project into MaxTeam or MaxBoard to manage ongoing work.

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Project Control

MaxTeam, our cost management software, and MaxBoard, the platform’s built-in interactive dashboard, are a dynamic project control duo. They empower project control teams to collaborate, pull proposal data from BOEMax, manage live contracts, visualize key metrics, track progress, set up scalable processes, forecast revenue and much more.


Define and measure quantifiable metrics like bookings, cash flow, revenue projections, earned value data, KPIs specific to your business and more. Use these to assess project progress, track financial performance and gain insight to enable data-driven decision-making.


Keep a close eye on budget data and actual costs to manage resource capacity and demand. Identify areas of concern as they arise and make changes in real time.


Use MaxBoard’s interactive and at-a-glance data views to quickly and easily analyze project performance. See what works and what doesn’t. Create templates and repeatable workflows based on proven best practices.


Easily track revenue projections and profit margin against funding profiles and generate credible estimate to complete forecasts.


Teams and Collaboration

WorkBench is a powerful set of collaborative data entry request tools within the ProjStream platform. Use them to collaborate with SMEs and CAMs for entry on budget, budget change requests (BCRs), progress entry, forecast or ETC (estimate to complete entry), VAR entry (variance analysis and reporting) and WAD entry (work authorization document). Additionally, workflow can be assigned to these processes if your process requires validation and signature authorization.


Collect highly accurate information at all stages of the project life cycle to improve performance, reporting, analytics, decision-making and more.


Save all information in a centralized and easily accessible location. Access historical data whenever you need it, quickly and easily.


Use the built-in monitoring and reporting tools to analyze all relevant data so that you can accurately plan, execute and forecast your projects.


Prepare in-depth reports based on reliable data for your clients and other key stakeholders to keep them happy, informed and confident in your capabilities.



Want to keep some aspects of your current setup the same? No problem — ProjStream can fit seamlessly with your existing process, whether it involves a different PM platform or a homegrown, spreadsheet-based solution.

The platform is also compatible with other software and data systems, including most accounting, M/ERP, HR and agile planning tools.


Win more contracts, deliver on projects faster and increase your revenue.