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Viewing, managing and collaborating on project data has never been easier.

What It Is

MaxBoard is ProjStream’s interactive visual dashboard. It pulls data from both BOEMax and MaxTeam and organizes it in charts, graphs and neat data views. Build your own dashboards using API calls from a pre-existing data platform.

This way, you can easily track financial and project performance, address emerging issues and make informed decisions.

how it works

How It Works


Measure Key Metrics

Step 1

Configure KPIs and produce metrics to track performance for a specific project, a group of projects or enterprise-wide.

  • Schedule and cost variances
  • Variance at completion
  • To-complete performance index
  • Resource capacity and demand
  • Profit margins
  • Project funding
  • Revenue forecasting
  • Overall project health indicators

Manage Projects from Proposal to Completion

Step 2

With reliable and easy-to-view source data, you can manage costs and resources throughout the project life cycle and have visibility into the current work progress and financial status at all times. Better yet, the data quality improves over time as you input more data, enabling you to produce ever-more accurate estimates, budget plans and more.

Visualize Dynamic Data

Step 3

Forget static reports and presentations. With MaxBoard, you can leverage a combined interactive view of pipeline and active projects to quickly assess live performance metrics, resource capacity and demand, specific contracts or work elements and much more.


Key BOEMax Features

Central Database

Collect, store and pull up all historical proposal data in one central database to produce highly accurate and realistic cost estimates — for any project, anytime.

Templates & Workflows

Why start from scratch when you can create process templates and workflows to ensure a consistent approach to proposal development and reduce time to bid by a large margin?

Unparalleled Traceability

Everyone, from the proposal team to third parties, can easily verify your calculations and BOE rationale. Establishing credibility with your partners and customers has never been easier.

3 Common Business Issues MaxBoard Solves

Portfolio Analysis

Limited Capacity to Carry Out Portfolio Analysis

Managers who rely on outdated platforms and spreadsheet-based solutions often lack visibility into the current project progress and financial status across their portfolios. Source data is unavailable, scattered or not well organized to enable cross-project analysis.

MaxBoard leverages the BOEMax and MaxTeam central database to pull up, organize and present project data in a standardized way. This enables you to view and assess key metrics across projects, handle risks proactively and take advantage of emerging opportunities.

Balanced Pipeline

Difficulty Balancing Pipeline and Current Projects

With silos of data scattered across multiple systems, data is often organized differently for the proposal and execution phases. This makes it difficult to get a comprehensive picture of resource availability and demand.

Here’s where MaxBoard comes in. By accessing ProjStream’s central database, it gives you reliable and timely insight into both upcoming and ongoing projects to enable proactive resource management.

Dynamic Data

Inability to Analyze Dynamic Data

Conventional platforms and spreadsheets rely heavily on static reports and data views. This limits your ability to analyze project data more dynamically to gain deeper insight.

With MaxBoard, you can produce and visualize work or financial performance metrics in interactive charts and graphics. This allows you to filter and group data on the fly to carry out in-depth analysis.


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