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What It Is

BOEMax is ProjStream’s built-in end-to-end proposal management tool. Its flagship feature is a central database of searchable historical data, including estimates, actual costs, BOE rationales, master lists of single parts and assemblies, process templates and more.

This allows you to create highly accurate, data-driven cost estimates easier and faster to win more contracts. Once you’ve been awarded the contract, you can seamlessly flow project data into MaxTeam to track and manage ongoing work.


How It Works

How It Works img

Build Your Strategy

Step 1

It only takes a few clicks to search the database and pull up the data you need to define your business objectives, carry out competitor analysis and identify what sets your organization apart from other potential bidders.

  • Business objectives
  • Differentiators
  • Competitor analysis

Plan the Proposal

Step 2

BOEMax allows you to easily create a new basis of estimate using preset BOE templates. Then, simply pull in the work breakdown structure (WBS) and map the statement of work. You can also create workflows, assign tasks to everyone on the proposal team and track progress in real time.

  • WBS
  • Workflows
  • Statement of work
  • BOE templates

Define Cost Estimates & Pricing

Step 3

Based on the WBS you’ve just created, you can determine the scope of work, the sequence and duration of each task and the resources required. To create a schedule-driven time-phased cost estimate, pull in resource-loaded activity data from the schedule tool.

You can also use the database to search for similar tasks, build bills of material (BOM) from a master parts list, document supplier BOEs, enter travel details and document BOE rationales.

  • BOMs (Bills of Material)
  • Supplier BOE
  • BOE documentation
  • Data-driven estimates
  • Schedule integration

Review Different Pricing Scenarios

Step 4

Use the Global Update feature to create and assess different pricing scenarios to determine the best proposal strategy. You can switch resources, apply different schedule activity sequences and durations and compare make-or-buy options. Once you arrive at the best option, select the version you want to use for the proposal.

  • Create, compare and restore pricing scenarios
  • Apply global updates

Produce Deliverables

Step 5

Finally, produce the required deliverables for your proposal’s cost volume submission. Because the complete set of cost estimating and pricing data and the BOE narrative text are stored in a single database, you can easily pull up various standard or custom outputs and reports.

All of the data is fully traceable from the top down and bottom up, allowing third parties to easily verify your BOEs and enabling you to prove that your estimates are realistic.

  • BOE report
  • Rate reports
  • Cost summary report
  • Ad-hoc pivot reports

Key BOEMax Features

Central Database

Collect, store and pull up all historical proposal data in one central database to produce highly accurate and realistic cost estimates — for any project, anytime.

Templates & Workflows

Why start from scratch when you can create process templates and workflows to ensure a consistent approach to proposal development and reduce time to bid by a large margin?

Unparalleled Traceability

Everyone, from the proposal team to third parties, can easily verify your calculations and BOE rationale. Establishing credibility with your partners and customers has never been easier.

3 Business Issues BOEMax Solves

Lack of Access to Historical Data

Teams often lack quick and reliable access to historical data like estimates, actual costs and BOMs. These are either unavailable or scattered across spreadsheets and legacy systems. This hurts both cost estimate quality and profit margins.

BOEMax stores all historical data in one easy-to-access repository. Proposal teams have all the information they need to create accurate and realistic BOEs at their fingertips, which reduces cost growth risk after contract award.


Inability to Verify BOEs

From BOE rationales to calculation methodology, quantifiable backup data is often unavailable with existing solutions. This makes it hard for third parties to verify BOEs and forces teams to rely on engineering judgment rather than source data, producing unrealistic proposals.

BOEMax allows you to create cost estimate templates, input BOE rationale and risks, enter assumptions text and attach related documents, all in the same place. Teams can build realistic estimates using a consistent methodology, and third-party verification becomes a breeze.


Proposals Take Too Long to Complete

The time it takes to build proposals from scratch using ad-hoc solutions, one-off Excel files and disjointed legacy systems limits companies’ ability to respond to RFPs. This is often due to a lack of a central database and an inability to share and manage data between team members.

With BOEMax, you can build a central data repository plus built-in templates and workflows. Teams can share data, collaborate, allocate tasks and track progress in real time. This improves proposal quality and reduces time to bid, allowing you to respond to more RFPs per year.


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