ProjStream provides innovative software solutions for creating data driven cost estimates and managing project cost data for government contractors.

Our mission is to help our clients create and maintain quality project cost data easier and faster.

We provide an end-to-end software solution for proposal and project cost management. ProjStream has steadily grown over the last ten years because we listen and quickly respond to our customer’s needs. We are in the business of providing creative solutions that help our clients solve their difficult cost estimating and project cost management challenges.

The company’s management team and creators of the software have worn the shoes of cost estimators and project managers. We know how hard it is to create and maintain quality cost estimating and project control time phased cost data. We also decided to do something about it. Our integrated software tools, BOEMax, MaxTeam, EVMax, and MaxBoard are the result of our direct experience and working with our clients to solve their business needs.

Our tools share a common database using current technology so you can easily produce and manage time phased cost data for the entire project lifecycle. The underlying architecture for our tools is such that we are ready for cloud computing environments with shared servers, load balancing, and horizontal scaling.

We use an agile development approach which means we can often resolve customer issues in 24 hours or less. Customer enhancement requests are often implemented within days. We don’t assume we know everything about your business environment, or our software is a perfect match. Our approach is to work with you, step through your process, and identify where enhancements to our tools can make a difference in how you do things. We then define short development cycles to quickly update the core product. Our goal is to support your proposal or cost management process and simplify life for your proposal or project control teams.


About Our Management Team:

Tom Shanahan

President and CEO

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Jeff Johnson

VP Business Development

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Andy Smith

Services Director

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