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December 2019

Published 01/02/20


Global Update
The Global Update (Home > Global Update) options have been enhanced so you can build a set of change actions to apply to selected cost estimate data at the same time. The set of change actions could apply the global updates to:

  • Values such as increasing or decreasing the base result (FTE, hours, or direct cost) by a set percentage or value (+, -, * (multiply), / (divide) functions or custom value).
  • User defined fields at the work breakdown structure (WBS)/control account level or work package level.
  • Work package details. The list of fields you can update at the work package level have been expanded to include the start and end dates, assumption, spread, or earned value technique (EVT).
  • Work package resource assignment as well as the resource cost code assignment.
Other global update actions include moving a work package from one WBS element to another or copying resource assignments from one work package to another. Copying resource assignments from one work package to another now includes the value details for the resource.

A new Preview Change window has been added so it is easier for you to review the before and after data and verify the results of the global update are what you expected before you save the changes.

The enhanced Global Update tab window and Preview Change window are illustrated below.