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June 2020

Published 07/17/20


Work Packages Assigned Travel Assumption, Travel Form

The Travel Form has been enhanced to include the option to use GSA airfare and Per Diem rates. This is an active data pull from the GSA web site to use the current available rates. Two options have been added to the Travel Form to select the GSA rates you want to use for the travel basis of estimate.

The updated Travel Form window and new GSA options are illustrated below.

BOEMax Travel Form

BOEMax Travel Form GSA Airfare Rates

BOEMax Travel Form GSA Per Diem Rates

As a reminder, to use the Travel Form for the basis of estimate, first create a work package and assign the Travel assumption type. Set the start and end date for the work package to reflect when you think the travel is likely to occur. Assign a non-labor resource from your resource structure to identify the travel cost – often simply labeled “Travel.”

Using the main Estimate window, click in the Pivot tab cell for the work package and resource to display the Travel Form. The entries in the Travel Form is the basis for the travel direct costs. The applicable overheads are automatically calculated based on the rate structure assigned to the project. When you produce the standard BOEMax Cost Summary Report for the cost volume of your proposal, the Travel Form details are included as a separate tab in the Excel output. You can also include the Travel Form details in any custom report you create.

Pivot Report Options

The earned value technique (EVT) field is now available to include in a Pivot Report (Reports > Pivot) in BOEMax. When you set up your pivot report Group By parameters, include the work package level of detail as the EVT is assigned to a work package.

All Software Tools

Bill of Material (BOM)

BOM window (Home > BOM). An option to delete a part or assembly in a BOM has been added. Select the part or assembly you want to delete in the BOM window and then click Remove Part in the Ribbon Menu. You can only delete a part or assembly that is not being used in the project.