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November 2019

Published 12/02/19

BOEMax, MaxTeam, MaxBoard

Enterprise Nodal Structure, Resource Role Capacity

Enterprise Nodal Structure window (Home > ENS). 
  • A Set Calendar option has been added to the Ribbon Menu. You can now select a global calendar you can use for cross-project resource capacity and demand analysis so you have a common set of calendar periods for all projects. You set this once for the ENS. This global calendar is only used for the ENS resource capacity settings, the project specific calendars are unchanged.
  • Edit ENS Node, resource role Capacity tab. When you set a calendar for the ENS, a Capacity by Period column is included in the Capacity tab. You can use this column to set custom resource role capacities for specific accounting periods. For example, the quantity may change to reflect seasonal changes in available personnel. The default is the capacity you set for the role (Capacity column entry).
When the ENS calendar has been set and you have entered custom capacity by period details, the two MaxBoard role utilization dashboard views will reflect these settings.

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Integration with Microsoft Project (MSP)
In BOEMax, the bi-directional integration with MSP has been enhanced to support many-to-one relationships between tasks in MSP and a work package in BOEMax. In MaxTeam, the schedule integration options to create the time phased budget data from the MSP resource loaded tasks, status work packages to calculate earned value, and maintain the time phased estimate to complete have also been enhanced to support many-to-one relationships. Previous versions supported the one-to-one relationship between a task in MSP and a work package in BOEMax or MaxTeam. The enhancements for integration with MSP align with the current functionality available for integrating with Oracle Primavera P6 that supports one-to-one and many-to-one relationships between activities in P6 and a work package in BOEMax or MaxTeam.