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September 2019

Published 10/01/19


System Search and Copy
The search function was enhanced so it is easier to find historical estimates and actual costs from other projects to copy into your current proposal project. The search function is now an option in the main Estimate window Ribbon Menu instead of a sub option when adding a new work package. With the enhanced System Search window, you can search on any column as well as apply a filter. The enhanced System Search window columns include the Project, WBS, WBS Description, Work Package (WP), WP Description, Resource, Duration, any user defined codes such as WBS and work package attributes, and control account or work package documents such as the SOW or BOE rationale. When you copy the data, you can also pull in the user defined codes and documents. As before, you can apply a complexity factor as well as select the Calendar set and starting calendar period for the data you are copying into your proposal project.