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Deltek MPM Replacement: 5 Quick Tips for Finding a New Vendor

Published 05/31/18

On December 31, 2018, Deltek will stop supporting its program-based Earned Value Management (EVM) software—Micro-Frame Program Manager (MPM).

If you’re currently using Deltek’s MPM, you’re likely searching for an EVM project management replacement.

There are other earned value management software tools that will do the job. But you also need to keep in mind important “non-features” that have nothing to do with the software functionality. Does the vendor also provide:

  • Exceptional customer service?
  • Dedicated training?
  • Timely support?

So, let’s talk about that. Here are 5 quick tips for finding a new earned value analysis software vendor for your EVM needs.

1) Get to know each other first

An invested vendor performs some level of discovery well before the sale. After all, how can a software vendor claim to be the best for your business environment if it doesn’t understand what your company does or its needs? The vendor interested in solving your business challenges takes their findings and acts on them immediately. If the vendor truly understands your business processes, they create and present a personalized demonstration highlighting how their software, service, and support work cohesively to alleviate your pain points. Unless you’re looking for a generic solution, don’t waste your time sitting through a ho-hum demo that doesn't focus on your needs.

2) Discuss acceptable response times

Talk to prospective vendors about their initial response times to inquiries and estimated time frames for how long it takes to resolve issues during the migration process. It’s not enough for a vendor to say it has professional experts on staff who can ensure a fast, smooth migration with minimal involvement. A credible vendor commits to rapid response times.

3) Avoid language barriers and knowledge gaps

Confirm that the vendor’s first-line help desk is trained and managed stateside. Do the help desk personnel understand the basics of program management, scheduling, and earned value management practices and common industry terms? Why? Because it’s important to be able to understand the person who is telling you how to fix the problem and they can provide additional direction to help solve your issue.

Alternatively, if the vendor’s help desk is overseas or if that person doesn’t understand the software very well or what you are trying to accomplish with the software, things can get lost in translation.

4) Go over support and training

What's the vendor's plan to help your project teams get up to speed on the new platform? Be sure to discuss:

  • The trainer's level of expertise. they should have a thorough understanding of how to apply the vendor's products to support your EVM process and requirements.
  • Duration and scope of the training - is it their generic training or can you customize it?
  • How many training sessions will be conducted?
  • Access to or use of their training materials - can you use them for in-house train-the-trainer sessions as well as for other internal training your personnel conduct?

5) Learn how the vendor handles software issues

During migration, you'll no doubt discover things that don't work as expected. So it's important to know how the prospective vendor resolves problems with software functionality. A proactive vendor assigns a development consultant to help identify and respond to glitches as they arise and resolves them in a timely manner.

Deltek’s MPM cutoff date will be here sooner than you think. If you consider the amount of time it will take to find a new vendor, migrate your data, and learn the new software functionality, you have to move fast. We hope you’ll keep these 5 tips in mind as you explore your options.

Make ProjStream your preferred EVM vendor

We hold ourselves accountable to the 5 vendor expectations discussed in this post. And our EVM project management software, MaxTeam, builds upon the fundamental aspects of Deltek’s MPM, and takes those capabilities further. MaxTeam automates the workflow processes for basis of estimates (BOEs), baseline change requests, and work authorization documents—something no one else in this space can provide.

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