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4 Reasons Why This Deltek Cobra User Switched to MaxTeam

Published 05/31/18

Many contractors using Deltek’s soon-to-be-obsolete Micro-Frame Program Manager (MPM) Earned Value Management (EVM) cost toolset plan on switching over to Cobra. And in a world where you have no other EVM toolset options, that makes sense. Only, we don’t live in that world, and you do have options—like MaxTeam earned value management system. But you don’t have to take our word for it.

We asked former Cobra-user and current MaxTeam user, Bob Harbaugh, Manager, Project Planning and Controls/EVM at Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), why he made the switch. Here’s what he had to say:

Reason 4: You can achieve true integration

“ProjStream products are readily expandable and afford customization to create a near-seamless, closed-loop system that’s capable of working with Primavera and Empower tools effectively.”

While ProjStream integrates everywhere seamlessly, Deltek’s software has poor workflow. For example, Deltek’s ERP Accounting software, Costpoint, sits at the center of its solution portfolio, and the rest are third-party add-ons. Just because the tools plug into each other doesn’t mean data automatically flows between them.

Reason 3: You can leverage advanced technologies

“The ProjStream solution offers cutting-edge technology in EVM capabilities, with customizable software development options, resolution-based technical support, and effective tool training.”

ProjStream follows industry trends and makes adjustments to its solutions based on new capabilities and changing customer needs. But Deltek is out-of-touch with industry demands. It invests a lot of time and energy ensuring their flagship product Costpoint stays on top, which leaves little room to expand upon existing products like Cobra or develop new solutions.

Reason 2: You can get help right when you need it

ProjStream offers timely on-call technical support with an effective turn-around and qualified responsiveness.”

Deltek is known for its customer service support—in a bad way. Their help desk is notorious for its inability to respond to requests quickly or adequately.

And the #1 reason why this Deltek Cobra user switched to ProjStream’s MaxTeam

“ProjStream stands behind their products and provide adaptable solutions to any issue that arises.”

If you’re using Deltek’s MPM right now, you know it’s only a matter of time before you have to learn the ins and outs of a new EVM cost toolset.

Don’t settle for more of the same with Deltek. Now is your chance to explore a better option—like ProjStream’s MaxTeam earned value management tools.