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Software Updates

3 min read

August 2020

BOEMax Main Estimate Window, Fee Tab A new Fee tab has been added in the main Estimate window that provides another option to calculate and
1 min read

June 2020

BOEMax Work Packages Assigned Travel Assumption, Travel Form The Travel Form has been enhanced to include the option to use GSA airfare and
4 min read

March 2020

All Software Tools The latest release of BOEMax and MaxTeam includes a set of major enhancements designed to support industries such as
1 min read

December 2019

BOEMax Global UpdateThe Global Update (Home > Global Update) options have been enhanced so you can build a set of change actions to apply
1 min read

November 2019

BOEMax, MaxTeam, MaxBoard Enterprise Nodal Structure, Resource Role Capacity Enterprise Nodal Structure window (Home > ENS). A Set
1 min read

October 2019

MaxTeam Using the BOM to Status Material Work PackagesThe capabilities in the Resource BOM window has been enhanced so that you can use the
1 min read

September 2019

BOEMax System Search and CopyThe search function was enhanced so it is easier to find historical estimates and actual costs from other

June 2019

BOEMax Report OptionsThe BOE Report Wizard functionality was separated from the Reports > User Reports option in the Navigation Menu. It is