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Integrated Estimating and Pricing Proposal Software

Looking for software tools to help manage your proposal estimating and pricing process? There are several commercial off the shelf (COTS) options available, but which one is right for your specific needs? When evaluating your business requirements, and how those software tools can help improve the proposal process, consider the product’s ease of use and return on investment (ROI). The first step is to ask the following questions: • What can make an immediate difference for proposal teams? • What can help proposal teams create a credible proposal response with less time and effort? ProjStream’s BOEMax was designed with you and your proposal teams in mind.  With BOEMax your proposal teams can leverage a central database with built-in workflow to organize the data, create a library of reusable proposal components, and manage the entire proposal process.  Working together, the various functional and technical proposal team members can leverage the same source data for:

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Still Using Excel for Your Proposal Cost Estimates?

A Better Way: Quality Proposal Cost Estimates

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Construction Bidding Software: 3 Features that Estimators Need to Save Time

1) Takeoff template library Many contractors comb through paper blueprints and count each outlet box, run of wire and switch by hand. This time-consuming manual takeoff method increases the chances of missing items, which lowers profitability, and/or doubling items, which increases your final bid and could cost you the job. One way to spend less time completing a takeoff is to choosing a construction bidding software equipped with a sophisticated Takeoff Template Library. Estimating teams can use built-in catalogs of common construction assemblies and build repeatable, customized assemblies to speed up the takeoff process and eliminate errors.  

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5 Reasons Government Contractors Seek Propricer Alternatives

Propricer is big player in the estimating tool game, but its estimating software is not your only option—and it’s likely not your best option either. Here are five reasons today’s government contractors are seeking alternatives to Propricer’s estimating products.

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