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Creating Data Driven Basis of Estimates

What is a data driven basis of estimate? It is a cost estimate that is based on verifiable data. Ideally, it is historical or other data that is traceable to the source business system such as accounting, timekeeping, material management, purchasing, or manufacturing. Along with verifiable data, the rationale used to arrive at the estimate must be clearly documented and easily available. The proposal team and customer must be able to follow the thought process, methodology, assumptions, and calculations used to arrive at the cost estimate.

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Integrated Estimating and Pricing Proposal Software

Looking for software tools to help manage your proposal estimating and pricing process? There are several commercial off the shelf (COTS) options available, but which one is right for your specific needs? When evaluating your business requirements, and how those software tools can help improve the proposal process, consider the product’s ease of use and return on investment (ROI). The first step is to ask the following questions: • What can make an immediate difference for proposal teams? • What can help proposal teams create a credible proposal response with less time and effort? ProjStream’s BOEMax was designed with you and your proposal teams in mind.  With BOEMax your proposal teams can leverage a central database with built-in workflow to organize the data, create a library of reusable proposal components, and manage the entire proposal process.  Working together, the various functional and technical proposal team members can leverage the same source data for:

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Looking to Establish Repeatable Project Control Processes?

A continuing theme often we hear from our clients is their desire to create standard, repeatable project control processes. Why is this so important? Done right, it: Reduces the time and cost to create useful project control data such as proposal basis of estimates (BOEs) or schedule driven time phased budget plans; Increases management’s confidence in the project control system to provide relevant, reliable, and timely data; Assists project personnel in making informed and proactive decisions; Increases consistency in approach so corporate management can do cross-project performance and return on investment (ROI) analysis; and Fosters an environment of continuous learning and process improvement because project personnel are leveraging best practice artifacts they can reuse for their project. Perhaps you have similar goals. Here are three suggestions to help you get started.

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DCMA’s Earned Value Analysis System (EVAS)

Identifying the Impact of EVAS on Contractors

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3 Ways to Improve Schedule and Cost Data Integration

Ensure Your Schedule and Cost Data Tell The Same Story

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4 Reasons Why This Deltek Cobra User Switched to EVMax

Many contractors using Deltek’s soon-to-be-obsolete Micro-Frame Program Manager (MPM) Earned Value Management (EVM) cost toolset plan on switching over to Cobra. And in a world where you have no other EVM toolset options, that makes sense. Only, we don’t live in that world, and you do have options—like EVMax. But you don’t have to take our word for it. We asked former Cobra-user and current EVMax user, Bob Harbaugh, Manager, Project Planning and Controls/EVM at Southwest Research Institute (SWRI), why he made the switch. Here’s what he had to say:

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