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BOEMax and MaxTeam Tech Tips – Setting Up Project Templates and Global Structures

One of the shared functions in ProjStream’s BOEMax proposal software and MaxTeam project cost management software is the ability to create structure and other project templates for the proposal or project control teams to quickly create a new project in the toolsets.  Or, you can create a set of global structures for common calendar, rate, and resource structure core data they can use when they create a new project.  The teams also have the flexibility to create project specific structures from the project templates or global structures when they encounter unique management or contractual requirements. 

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BOEMax Tech Tips – Bi-Directional Cost and Schedule Integration with P6

One of the many challenges proposal teams face is ensuring their cost estimate and proposal schedule data are in alignment.  Bi-directional cost and schedule integration with Oracle Primavera P6 is just one of many functions built into BOEMax designed to simplify life for proposal teams.  This blog is an introduction on how this bi-directional cost and schedule integration can help proposal teams create quality proposal cost and schedule data.

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BOEMax Tech Tips – Establishing a Process Library

BOEMax was designed to help our clients create data driven cost estimates easier and faster.  The Process Library is just one of many functions built into BOEMax for this purpose.  This blog is an introduction to the Process Library and how it can help cost estimators improve the quality of their cost estimate data.

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