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BOEMax Tech Tips – Bi-Directional Cost and Schedule Integration with P6

One of the many challenges proposal teams face is ensuring their cost estimate and proposal schedule data are in alignment.  Bi-directional cost and schedule integration with Oracle Primavera P6 is just one of many functions built into BOEMax designed to simplify life for proposal teams.  This blog is an introduction on how this bi-directional cost and schedule integration can help proposal teams create quality proposal cost and schedule data.

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BOEMax Tech Tips – Establishing a Process Library

BOEMax was designed to help our clients create data driven cost estimates easier and faster.  The Process Library is just one of many functions built into BOEMax for this purpose.  This blog is an introduction to the Process Library and how it can help cost estimators improve the quality of their cost estimate data.

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Creating Data Driven Basis of Estimates

What is a data driven basis of estimate? It is a cost estimate that is based on verifiable data. Ideally, it is historical or other data that is traceable to the source business system such as accounting, timekeeping, material management, purchasing, or manufacturing. Along with verifiable data, the rationale used to arrive at the estimate must be clearly documented and easily available. The proposal team and customer must be able to follow the thought process, methodology, assumptions, and calculations used to arrive at the cost estimate.

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Still Using Excel for Your Proposal Cost Estimates?

A Better Way: Quality Proposal Cost Estimates

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The Price is Right: 5 Pricing Strategies that Win Government Contracts

If you think about it, pricing to win a government contract is a lot like being a contestant on the Price is Right: You see a product (government request for proposal). Think about how much it costs (how much the government will pay for the product or deliverable). Try to figure out what other contestants (your competitors) will bid. Make the most educated guess to win the game (contract).

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ABCs of BOEs: A Crash Course in Estimating Methodology for Government Contracts

A Basis of Estimate (BOE) is more than an estimate—it’s a multi-page document where estimators, project managers, engineers, technicians, and cost analysts come together to explain and justify a work estimate.  The BOE is one of the most important sections in a government contract proposal because it gives reviewers the ability to evaluate the reasonableness of costs and hours prior to awarding the contract.  If you aspire to be a strong government contract proposal writer, you need to know at least a high-level overview of these four estimating methodologies: 

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