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Managing Constant Change

Attend any industry conference or talk with any project manager and a recurring theme is the volume and velocity of changes because work requirements must respond to ever-evolving threats or business environment.  What is the impact of this constant change on the project manager and other project personnel?  It is easy to lose track of things or become overwhelmed.  Everyone needs a way to maintain their focus on completing their current work scope and the end product.  How do you manage constant change so you can maintain sufficient control of project objectives without descending into chaos? 

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DCMA’s Data Driven EVMS Compliance Process

  Why the Right Tools Can Make a Difference DCMA recently published an update to their set of test metrics they use for their Earned Value Management System (EVMS) compliance process.  As for previous versions, Version 3.2 is a combination of manual and automated tests of the EVMS data – hence the label “Data Driven EVMS Compliance Process.”  Version 3.2 includes 139 test metrics with additional cross references to three of their EVMS Business Practices (BP):

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Using Excel for Project Cost Management?

Our clients are often stepping up from Excel to BOEMax, our proposal management software because BOEMax provides a better, faster, and easier way to produce a reliable data-driven cost estimate. Helping them implement BOEMax to support their proposal process, we frequently discover they are using Excel to manage their project cost data for the execution phase with varying degrees of success.

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